Goddamn, there are a lot of thinspo trends/boards popping up on Pinterest. I guess they had to go somewhere after the great Tumblr banishment. What jars me is that the thinspo pins are not even nooked away in some backseat of Pinterest; the generic home page contains several chilling pins of ridiculously thin and taut women. One pin was of a woman in spandex shorts and a sports bra with the text, "Eat for the body you want, not the body you have."

Incidentally, the picture was framed so as to cut off the woman's head.

I have no idea how Pinterest's algorithm selects what content will be viewable to visitors of the site but if it really is as simple as a random sample from the entire pool of pins users have made, and yet there's still this many thinspo pins on the homepage.... then that ratio suggests that there's a shit ton of thinspo pins and boards on Pinterest.

Eventually Pinterest will have to remove themselves from their tight-lipped perch and revise their content policy to address the thinspo boards (among others, especially if the copyright issues get worse) as the community grows. And the thinspo communities will migrate to the next budding social media site.

Wash and rinse. Repeat.

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